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Today Windows is without any concern the most popular and widespread operating system. Most personal and business activities rely on computers running Windows operating systems. Windows online backup is a perfect instrument to be sure that all of your personal or corporate data will be safe and recoverable in case of data loss because of hardware/software error, spyware or just deleting critically important information by mistake.

Our online backup service provides award-winning remote backup software to perform online backup for Windows including Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000.

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Windows backup developed to perform Windows Registry backup and gives an ability to restore your preferences and personalized data. You can backup Windows with all program settings for used applications, documents, mail, photo and video libraries as well as any other valuable data stored on your Windows-based computer.

Moreover, Windows online backup can be easily set up to perform automatically on a regular basis using flexible software scheduler. Remote backup software supports data encryption and compression. Backup files are stored in secure vault and are absolutely safe from any kind of data loss, theft and as well can be recovered any time when necessary.

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