Choosing the Best Online Backup Server

Undoubtedly, a decent online backup server is the guarantee of your data safety. However choosing such a server for remote backup can be a real challenge for many users. There are several criteria that should guide you in order to choose the most appropriate online backup server.

First of all online server should be hosted by a trusted and well-know Internet provider and available 24x7, with call center support. It is also worth investigating the actual whereabouts of the online server. Some online backup providers organize the data storage vault as a regular database center that are rarely protected against natural disasters or even human errors. Others like Novosoft Remote Backup take it to the next level placing a data center into a protected underground shelter with a separate uninterrupted power supply, video surveillance system, limited personnel access, and other protective measures.

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Online backup server should provide you with an FTP access, since this is the most regular protocol to send data over Internet to a remote server. It is to your advantage if your online backup server also provides SFTP, which means you can securely connect to your remote server account to backup your private data.

It is also worthwhile to check if the online backup server you are considering supports any backup software specially customized to the server settings, even better when such utility is provided free of charge. This is a regular practice with trustworthy online backup companies to supply their customers who subscribed to paid online backup solution with a free backup utility.

This backup software may add some bonus functionality that will greatly enhance your online backup experience. For one thing backup utility can offer you encryption feature that will make sure that all data that is being transferred to your online backup server is securely encrypted and can only be decrypted by you upon restoring with the help of a password. Of course it goes beyond saying that a decent online backup server should allow for encrypting of the data once it has been received from the user and resides on the server itself.

Another feature that a remote server for backup supported by backup software can provide is web access. It presupposes that users can not only access their backup data kept online, but also manage their backup and restore jobs from Internet. So, given their computer is turned on, they can create a backup or restore job and run it from Internet from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

It is very important to look for longer subscription options for your online backup account since the longer the term the less you pay. These few but critical issues to tackle when choosing a remote backup server will help you when set out to find the best online backup server.

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