MySQL online backup

MySQL is the most popular and one of the fastest open source Database Management Systems (DBMS) which is installed on more than 11 millions computers. MySQL online backup with Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC is a fast and effective way to create and schedule database backup. As a part of complete server backup task or as a separate task you only have to select it in the menu and the program automatically add it to backup set.

MySQL database backup includes the wide array of quite necessary features:

  • Hot MySQL online backup and recovery to create reserve copies without stopping website services and web applications
  • Fully automatic MySQL backup – scheduler helps you flexible to avoid backup routine, backing up MySQL databases automatically
  • Partial and full MySQL backup – full database backup of all tables as a whole or any selected database tables

Feel free to buy 1 Gb online backup for 2$ per month for your most valuable data!

Make a comparison with Oracle online backup advantages. Moreover, Remote Data Backup offers several particular advantages to make SQL backup easier and more convenient then ever. In Windows Service mode backup starts fully automatically you even don’t have to login. Automatic encryption prevents any unauthorized access for your sensitive and business data.

Register trial account at Remote Backup Service and download remote Backup Software with MySQL online backup.

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