Secure Microsoft Exchange Online Backup

Exchange online backup is an effective instrument to create reserve copies of all emails, contacts, calendar notes and other data stored on Microsoft Exchange servers without stopping those servers and transfer all the backup data to a secure off-site storage. As emails and other Exchange correspondence receive more and more importance for business purposes, reliable Exchange online backup becomes an issue of greater importance than ever before.

What to Back Up: Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is an email-based server platform providing enterprise communications management opportunities for messaging and collaboration needs. Built-in antivirus, spam protection, and reliable data management might be named among features MS Exchange backup getting the product instantly growing popularity.

How to Back Up: Online

The right Exchange online backup solution is supposed to correspond with a number of requirements.

First, it should feature the backup functionality for the Exchange server version you use. Perfectly, it would support all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server including Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, and Exchange 2010 backup.

Second, Exchange online backup and restore, which means no interruption of the service, are not likely to be performed by most of Microsoft Exchange backup software. But! There are those Exchange server backup products delivering the handy functionality. Running a utility of the kind, all you have to do is to select which MS Exchange folders are to be assigned to a backup schedule, and Exchange online backup will do the rest (sounds awesome, isn’t it?).

And at last but not least, the right software would transfer the backup data to a secure off-site storage. Among those, remote servers of the RemoteDataBackup service stand out as the ones featuring military-grade security and downtime-free guarantee.

Online Exchange Backup: Resume

Email messages are especially critical for today’s business communication flow that’s why the Exchange online backup is an inevitable basis of delivering perfect Exchange data protection. It is necessary to feel that your business is safe and even in case of data loss it will only take minutes to perform Exchange restore from secure off-site data storage.

To start Exchange online backup, please follow these easy steps:

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