Database online backup

Database online backup is well known as especially important and somewhat complicated aspect of backup practice. Data used in Data Base Management System (DBMS) is continually modified by many concurrent users so it can be copied only by means of stopping the whole service. The way to make a reserve copy of the data without interrupting business activities is to use hot database backup technology.

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Database online backup of the tables through ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) requires automatic database backup software. Internet Backup Service allow database backup and recovery online with pinpoint accuracy. DBMS usually don't have build-in interfaces to backup their data, that's why appropriate database backup software is required more and more. Featured backup software supports:

  • MySQL online backup. Use it to perform backup of indexes, views, stored procedures and other necessary data. Learn more about MySQL online backup...
  • DB2 online backup lets your backup databases of IBM DB2 data servers. Learn more about DB2 online backup...
  • Oracle online backup is designed to backup Oracle databases with control file, tables, settings, passwords and other data. Learn more about Oracle online backup...

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Our online backup software has wide array of features. Hot backup of remote and local databases, flexible administering and scheduling, compression, encryption and a rich set of supported storage media.

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