Database Backup Software – Centralized Database Protection

Corporate laptops and desktops both need to be centrally protected and secured especially in case of database management and protection. Database backup software provides online database backup services for centrally controlled protection, security and discovery of enterprise data on laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

Remote Backup Service by Novosoft eliminates the risk of dataloss from corporate computers by automatically backing up databases in the background. Remote Data Backup solution allows remote backup of databases with tables, indexes, triggers and other database components and ensures complete database protection without interrupting users.

Database backup software supports backup and recovery of wide databases range from ODBC-compatible databases including MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, FoxPro, MS Access, PostgreSQL and DB2 to Lotus Notes/Domino. In today’s complex database management landscape it is necessary for quality database backup software to meet the challenge of supporting all database types and do it “on-the-fly” without interrupting user or stopping service.

Register an online backup account

Download backup software for online backup and recovery of ODBC databases.

Remote database backup except of backing up databases without stopping them provides a rich set of additional options:

  • Flexible scheduling and administrating of database backup and recovery;
  • Ability to run application as a Windows service;
  • Email notifications to be sure that your database is successfully protected;
  • Backup Exchange database.

Database backup software also provides synchronization of user’s local databases with centralized server database. Remote Backup Service is perfect automated solution for database online backup and recovery for small and medium sized businesses.

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