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In March 2009 we released a software for Android-driven phones that allowed PC version of Handy Backup access and back up their data. Since this worked on a client-server scheme and required two running instances of Handy Backup (one on Android, and another on PC), many users found it too complicated. As soon as we understood the demand for an independent Android backup tool, we started working to come up with a solution.

To back up an Android-based mobile phone you need to install Handy Backup for Android which can be downloaded to your phone through the QR code above, or at Android Market. This is a very clear, reliable and free utility that lets you back up data of Android mobile devices simlarly to the way you back up PC data with common Handy Backup.

Note: The old client-server solution has been discontinued.

Backing up Android Data with Handy Backup for Android

Handy Backup for Android

At present, Handy Backup for Android supports four backup items:

Android Data for Backup
  • Call Logs. Back up information about your calls activity.
  • SMS. Never lose important messages sent to you.
  • Contacts. Contacts are backed up as VCards which lets you import them to other messaging software.
  • SD Card. Back up files stored on your phone's external storage.
Android Backup Task

To back up or restore Android phone data:

  1. Tap New Task.

  2. In the New Task dialog, specify task name, what to backup and where to backup.

  3. Open details of the newly created task via the Recent Tasks section on the main window, or by browsing it through the Manage Tasks dialog.

  4. Tap Backup to initiate backup, or Restore to initiate restore.

Note: Unlike PC version of Handy Backup, Android version allows backing up data to several folders at once. If during restoration the operation for some reason fails, the program will go through folders one by one searching for the data backed up.

Backing up Android Data to PC

Very soon we will restore the ability to back up Android data to PC, and also build in an option to back up to our remote backup service. By now you can:

Register trial account at Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC.

Download Remote Backup Software Handy Backup

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