Remote backup of data

The term remote backup usually describes the backup process with the backup storage being placed far away from the original data. In this article, we will stop on special services which offer a complex solution for secure remote backup storage.

The advantages of storing your backup data in a remote location are clear: it will be safe not only in case of a computer failure, but also in case of a natural disaster like fire, flood or earthquake. However, there are also lots of reasons to prefer remote backup service to other remote methods like uploading your data to some FTP server. The servers that are used by such services are specially designed for backup purpose. They are located in very secure places like underground shelters that protect them from natural disasters. They are professionally secured that protect them from any third party access. Such services often offer free backup software. For example, our Remote Backup Service offers a free program called Handy Backup that allows full automation of backup process and has many other advanced features. All that lets you completely forget about backup duties and free your mind for something more interesting.

As such services require employing very qualified workers and using very expensive technics, they always charge money. Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC charges $2/1GB per 1 month. An average user needs from 1 to 5 Gigabytes of remote backup capacity, so the use of our service will cost him or her less than 10 dollars a month. By paying them, the customer guarantees the information safety and forgets about backup - quite a good value for money.

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