Backup Data with Online Backup Solution

While doing Backup of Data with Online Solution allows doing limitless backups of digital data and storing them online in a web-based account. With this type of backup users can access their backups through a web-based interface and perform a number of operations on the backup data.

The Backup of Data with Online Backup Solution is considered to be one of the safest methods of data backup as it allows storing data at a distance from the site where original data are stored. Thus if disaster strikes, and original data are lost, the backup data will stay unaffected.

Novosoft Remote Backup Service provides the storage space and the backup software for doing online backups and storing them in a secure data center which is situated in a protected underground shelter.

The backup software for Online Backup

If you want to back up data with online solution, we suggest that you try out Novosoft Remote Backup Service. It is simple in use, does not require installation of third party backup software and allows you to choose a flexible backup plan to satisfy all your backup needs.

Online backup is a guarantee of your data security!

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